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Our aim is simple...

Here at Simply Window Furnishings we aim to supply and install high quality window furnishings, specializing in Australian made products.​

All of our blinds, plantation shutters and awnings are sourced from Australian suppliers, direct from Australian manufacturers. We do not sell cheap imported products...! Because of this, we may not be the cheapest option for window furnishings, but we'll stand by the quality our Australian made products ​every time!

Australian manufactured shutters and blinds means you don't have to wait literally months for your window coverings. People want fast turnarounds and consistent quality, and that's just what we aim to deliver. It's that simple.

Aluminium Shutters


Aluminium Plantation Shutters

Australian-made aluminum shutters are the only choice if you're thinking of high-quality yet functional shutters for your home. Unlike PVC or other composite plastic products, aluminium shutters will easily stand up to the rigors of an Australian summer without warping or dis-colouring. Plus, they are durable and look great too! With the option of custom powder-coating, locks for security, or even flyscreens, the aluminium shutter can do things other shutters can't. As good as they look inside, aluminium shutters can be used for external applications, too. Either as fixed screens on windows, or a privacy-screen on a veranda, or to completely transform a back deck with fixed shutters, sliding, or even bi-fold.


Roller blinds are probably the most popular choice for window furnishings these days. They give a sleek, minimalist look whilst still give the option for full blockout or light-filtering fabrics...or even both at the same time with the duel-roller system. With a choice of bottom-rail and control chain colours - or even fully motorized with remote control operation - the roller blind is the go-too choice for that un-cluttered, sleek look yet with thermal and light filtering properties.


Awnings can be an important component if you're trying to reduce the heat getting through your window glass, and obviously your energy bills. An external awning is a barrier against light and radiant heat before it even gets to the glass of your window. A combination of external and internal window furnishings could drastically reduce your energy costs. We have a variety of drop-down, spring-loaded, crank-operated, wire guided or even motorized remote controlled options for any window size. Enclose verandas with insect-proof mesh with our Ziptrak awnings. When it comes to retractable light and shade solutions, a folding arm awning is the perfect choice. At far less the price of a permanent fixture, a folding arm awning gives you shade when you need it, yet retracts out of the way when you want to enjoy the sun. It's the perfect solution.


Verticals are still a very popular choice for modern window furnishings. They are very functional, and offer plenty of light control. Great for sliding windows and doors as you can just move the slats aside as much or as little as you need. You can fully rotate the slats depending on the light, or the amount of privacy you want, at any time of day. Verticals are the entry-level product for window furnishings, and depending on the fabric you choose, are often the cheapest option, whilst still being very functional.

Panel Glides

Panel Glides are a great product, specifically designed for sliding doors. Available in both block-out or light-filtering fabric, panel glides are sure to satisfy your needs. Because panel glides can be made very wide, they are often the perfect choice for Australian homes that have large back doors opening out onto even larger entertainment areas, back decks and BBQ areas. There can be limitations with other blind options across a large sliding or stacking door, which makes the panel glide the perfect choice for functionality...and they look good too, with a sleek, contemporary look.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Because all our products are Made-to-Measure (meaning the manufacturer makes your window furnishings from scratch, based on your unique window sizes and needs) there is going to be a little wait for your window furnishings. Shutters generally take 5 to 6 weeks (excluding custom powder-coating). Verticals, rollers, venetians generally take between 3 to 5 weeks. Most awnings, including folding arm awnings, can take approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

Yes they really are! We source our products direct from Australian manufacturers. We feel proud knowing we are supporting Aussie companies and Aussie workers. What this means for you, the customer, is that you can rest assured your hard-earned dollars are paying for good quality products. Australian manufacturers HAVE to be good quality to compete with a flood of cheap imported products. Made in Australia means faster turnaround, and if something does go wrong (we are human, after all!), you don’t have to wait months for a replacement part or remake. 

No this is not possible. Industry standard is that the balance for your products be paid prior to installation being carried out. The reason for this is that as soon as you pay the balance, the products legally become yours, and are therefore covered under insurance. If the installer has an accident, or the van gets stolen on the way to install your blinds for example, rest assured that up to $50,000 worth of your products are covered by our broadform liability insurance. This is separate to our warranty on the products. 

Once your products are installed, they are covered under manufacturers warranty. The length of warranty depends on the product, but generally internal blinds and external awnings are covered for 5 years, and plantation shutters for 20 years. Conditions do apply, but please read the Terms and Conditions supplied with your quote, or ask your sales consultant for further details. 

Further, we are insured to the value of $10 million public liability, by law, to cover you, your property, and loved ones, whilst we are within the boundary of your property, including within the process of installation, and after installation in the case of faulty installation work – eg: a blind falls on your head because it wasn’t fitted properly, or an installer slips and accidentally puts a drill bit or hammer through your plaster wall…

The best way to clean your product varies by the type of window furnishing you have. Aluminium shutters are very easy to clean, and are waterproof. External shutters can be hosed off, but don’t use a high pressure water cleaner! Your internal shutters can be dusted with a micro-fiber cloth. Although they are very durable, don’t use scourers, and be careful you don’t scratch the powder-coating with your wedding ring! 

Awning fabrics are designed for the outdoors and are very durable. Use a hose (not a high-pressure cleaner) and a light detergent. No harsh chemicals or bleach. 

Most internal blind fabrics need to be spot-cleaned, just like you would your upholstery. No harsh chemicals or bleach. The Essentials fabric is particularly easy to clean: the acrylic coating means this fabric is virtually water-proof, which makes cleaning a breeze. 


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